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*IW* for Twisted Hunt 2013

Twisted Hunt - Carnival - 2013 Fall

Hunt items:



The hunt starts on September 1st 2013, have fun hunting :)


Extras:.. In addition to the Twisted Hunt there are 10 free outfits to find on my minihunt.

*IW* minihunt.

I’ve renamed my usual mini hunt and updated the final hunt gift : it is a unique Twisted Hunt colours version of the Marilyn dress ( exclusive to this Hunt). The original textured Marilyn dress mini hunt item is now on sale in-store for 120L.

If you’ve previously done my usual mini hunt then just go and get the clues from items #8 and #9 again and go to find the brand new gift #10 ( which is in a new location from the last grand prize-and you didn’t really think I’d make it THAT easy did you? ) If you don’t have the locations now I can help you if you ask me.

If you’ve never done my mini hunt previously then you have 10 fantastic outfits waiting for you.


Twisted Inga x

The intermediate hunt objects are a white paw print. An example of what you’ll be looking for is attached to the top right of this board. This example paw print will also provide you with clue #1. The hunt objects will be located either inside or outside my store.

When you have collected all 9 hints and gifts, assemble all your Main Gift clue fragments.

For all you short cutting scanner users I’ve laid out a few decoys; well lots actually. My advice is to join in with the spirit of the hunt and follow the clues. You’ll be finished a lot faster that way! :)

Please don’t discuss the location of hunt items in nearby chat. If you need help, turn to me or Heim Ormenthal.

Have fun and enjoy the gifts and feel free to invite your friends along.

Hunt gifts:


and NEW main gift, of which skirt lifts up on click :) :

Marilyn Twisted



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