Elegant Fashion Design in Second Life


Inga Wind came to Second Life towards the end of 2006.  She followed the routine that I’m sure you are all familiar with in SL…went shopping, chatted to friends, went shopping, little chatting, more shopping, less chatting, even morrrrre shopping…and so on.  Until, one day, she could not find a style that she was looking for.  And so, *Inga Wind Clothing* was born…and Inga has not looked back since (or done much shopping strangely enough).

A professional Graphic Designer in RL, she brings a very polished look to her clothing range through extensive knowledge of image-editing software and other graphics tools at her disposal.  Great attention is given to detail in the various designs; Inga even having created her own customised templates to assist in her work…her commitment is so high.

Enjoy the range, it is created with a passion and is added to almost daily.

Derek Sienkiewicz.

[Legalese  :  ‘Second Life’ and ‘SL’ are trademarks of Linden Research, Inc.  *IW*,*Inga Wind Clothing* and Inga Wind Clothing are not affiliated with or sponsored by Linden Research.]

© Inga Wind 2009


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