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Hunts at *IW* Inga Wind Clothing

We are participating in 2 hunts:

Green Mire II Hunt – The Gathering

by Madpea Productions
September 1st – October 30th

Green Mire II

Hunt prizes for Green Mire II Hunt at *IW* Inga Wind Clothing:

Jayla Jaylen


September 1st – 30th

TH14F Time Warp

Hunt prizes for Twisted Hunt Fall 2014 at  *IW* Inga Wind Clothing:

Timea Tim

Besides the Twisted Hunt itself we have the following items available in store.

a. 10L male & female gachas containing a unique Twisted Kilt and dress:


b. Our own side hunt with more wonderful gifts and Twisted outfits as the main prize:


The Inga Wind Mini Hunt Information

Welcome to my latest Mini Hunt. As usual I have some cute outfits for you to find and although Garrick (GarrickMontague ) has made it super hard this time I can guarantee that if you make the effort then you won’t regret the time it’ll take.

There are ten outfits for you to find. The first nine of these will give a fragment of the clue to the tenth and main gift. plus a clue to the next gift where required. Just assemble all nine clue fragments to discover the final clue to help you locate the major prize.

The hunt object is a whitish paw print that my dog left all over the shop and grounds. (If only that). Of course he ran around all over and left lots of prints – this is the way he is. Sometimes it may shrink a little but you’ll always be able to spot it. We believe in you! :).

*IW* Mini Hunt prizes:

Yasmine in Fuchsia Taisa in Peach Sandy in Red Muriel in Copper Layla in Green Kelly in Copper Diana in Sand Cosette in Orange Codie in Silver

and main *IW* Mini Hunt prizes:

Lydia Levon

Please don’t spoil the fun for others by loitering near gift locations nor by shouting out locations in local chat.

I hope that you have as much fun finding the gifts on this hunt as I did making the outfits and as Garrick did hiding them for you. I hope to welcome you back soon.

Lots of love
Inga, Garrick

PS: If you are pretty female avatar, don’t hesitate to IM GarrickMontague  for help with finding the right paw prints. If you are male, well, let’s wait and see what happens :).


*IW* Carleen posted by lukrecia Merchiston


*IW* Amy posted by Dyana Serenity


*IW* Cori posted by Scarlett Luv

Thank you, Scarlett! ♥


*IW* Corinne posted by Snickers’ Doodles



Thank you Snickers ♥


*IW* Fashion Show Nov 10th 2012


*IW* Fashion Show, November 10th, 1 PM SLT at *IW* Catwalk

*IW* Isa – post by Dyana Serenity


*IW* Minnie – mesh dungaree outfit


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