Elegant Fashion Design in Second Life

The store is about the same size as it was before, just using multi items vendors saves lots of space there. All the colors of the outfit are now placed in one vendor. You will find no mesh clothing including freebies and 100 L items on the vendors on ground level and mesh clothing on the vendors upstairs. All 100 L items have been moved into the freebie boxes and there are lots of new 100 L items now.

Near the entrance there are now the group vendors with discounts for the groups Wind, *IW* Models, *IW* Bloggers and Inga Wind’s family – please wear your group tag to purchase from these. New release can be purchased by non group members from the vendor tagged Latest release. This is a win/win – for you shopping is more comfortable and it will become even better after the instore teleporter is set there shortly. And for me – give me time to sort the long list up 🙂

Hope you enjoy your stay



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